Rebecca Evanhoe

Rebecca Evanhoe was born in Wichita, Kansas. She earned a BA in Chemistry from the University of Kansas, and an MFA from the University of Florida. She lives and works in Gainesville, Florida.


Daughters and Then Sons

Bridge Eight | 2016

"For the first twelve years of being a mother, her body grew larger and softer, larger and softer. At thirty-five, she realized how young she was. She wanted to change."



Gigantic Worlds | 2015

"Out of all the objects in the sun's view, it felt a special fascination with the moon, who lacked gasses, lacked cover of any sort, who patiently tracked the earth..."Buy

Rock of the Lamb

New World Writing | 2015

"To his knowledge, Will had never heard his son really sing before, only hum or shout out songs at scout camps. Ben had a natural, girlish voice. 'You have a beautiful voice,' he told his son."Read

They Were Awake

Harper's Magazine | 2014

"The ladies gathered for one of their anticipated potlucks. They brought beautiful dishes. Red cabbage marinated in vinegars and slow-cooked with nutmeg and caraway seed. Salad niçoise..."Read

Man In Control

Gigantic | 2014 & Best of Gigantic / 2015

"'Place your bets!' the men shouted to one another. The men crowded around the bull, tossed dollars into a hat."Read

The Red Hands of the Beet Cook

Bat City Review | 2014

"He was a prep cook, whacking with a cleaver a leek’s green tops, carving fat from raw beef, pulling chicken skin up and away from the breast and jabbing it off with the tip of a small knife."

Sort by Kind

The VICE Reader Online | 2013

"Go through a side door, up a staircase, and at the top was a landing and our facing doors—his and mine. The whole setup was so small that we felt like siblings..."Read


Beecher's | 2012

"As soon as we were conscious little people, my twin brother and I existed as interchangeable units. Even as kids, we could be ourselves or stand in for one another without thinking."


Harper's Magazine | 2011

"At the edge of the Winn­Dixie parking lot, two young boys were trying to pick something up with a stick. Whatever the thing was, they didn’t want to touch it. I watched them from the driver’s seat of my truck..."Read

Tandy and Bo

Parcel | 2011

"My wife and I had put all our family hopes on reconnecting over the weekend, as husband and wife, as father and mother with son. We went to her parents’ cabin an hour north, no electricity, a dock to a quiet corner of the lake..."

Be It a Knife

Everyday Genius | 2011

"We made dinner in her first apartment. I thought of my own kitchen. Stainless steel, copper-core pots and pans, hanging from pegs. Measuring cups so heavy-bottomed you could maim with them."Read


NOON | 2006

Interviews & Non-Fiction

Interview with Padgett Powell

Literary Hub | September 2015Read

Approximately 36 Toilets

Gulf Coast | 2012

"I grew up in a house with four toilets—two upstairs, two down—but as a young girl, I cleaned only one. My sister and I took turns with the toilet we shared."Read

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Contributing Editor

Burrow Review Press | February 2015

Functionally Literate Reading with Padgett Powell

Orlando, Florida | October 4, 2015Video

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Burrow Review Press | February 2015

Sewanee Scholar

Sewanee Writers' Conference | July 2014

Distinguished Story

Best American Short Stories | 2015

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